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Defentek, Inc. (DI) is a company specializing in the development of avant-garde intelligence technologies.

We are providers of COMINT, ELINT, SIGINT interception solutions, and Intelligence Agencies Technical Services.

The innovative developments by Defentek include, and are not limited to: geolocation systems, implementation of injections and exploit systems, satellite and communications interception. The integration of all our solutions, formulates the Illumination Command Control Center, a unified system of Monitoring All Systems Simultaneously (MASS).

Defentek solutions are technologies specifically designed with the following benefits, easy to use, passive monitoring on all networks that provides simple and flexible connectivity. From a unified platform to a single stand-alone solution, our solutions supports passive, non-intrusive monitoring of a wide range of networks. Defentek solutions identify and collect targeted data of voice, SMS, e-mails, net usage, fax, etc., including real-time tracking acquisitions.

Utilizing probe based technologies, system engineering, and software, DI supports a high number of platforms for interception. We ensure that the monitoring is undetectable by any device connected to the network. A massive volume of traffic is analyzed and processed by employing a combination of uniquely designed dedicated network processors probes and innovative software applications for real-time tracking, decoding, and filtering of data.

DI solutions are utilized by the governmental agencies, such as intelligence organizations, national security agencies, homeland security agencies, military sector SIGINT units, the federal and state law enforcement.

  • Solutions:

     Injections & Exploits
     Global Real-Time Tracking
     Internet Interception
     Satellite Interception
     Command Centers